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Apr 24
InVEST® Intern Helps Best Practices Agency Succeed

Ben Patterson, president of Patterson & Associates Insurance in Richardson, Texas, is a big supporter of InVEST®—the Big “I” non-profit program dedicated to improving insurance literacy of students and attracting new talent to the industry. Last summer, Patterson’s agency hired an InVEST intern from Woodrow Wilson High School. Although initially skeptical, his staff has been thrilled with the result.  


“I saw they needed some help visualizing what he could do for us, so I told [my staff] about some of the projects I planned on asking him to work on, “said Patterson, who also serves as president of the Independent Insurance Agents of Dallas. “That started them thinking about how he might be able to help them.”


On his first day, the intern spent some orientation time with the office manager, who quickly put him to work—“ so much so that by the end of the summer, I hadn’t had a chance to get him to help me with my projects ,” Patterson says. “This was fine with me, because my staff was able to get a lot of those ‘busy work’ tasks off their desks.”


Patterson had so much success accepting an InVEST intern that he plans to hire another one next summer. He encourages other agencies to take advantage of the opportunity as well and consider tasks outside the box for the intern to complete.


“Don’t think that you have to have a formal schedule or daily plan for the intern ,” Patterson says. “Think in terms of projects, like re-formatting form letters, building reports and data entry. Understand what kind of skills they have, like Word or Excel or other programs, and then make use of those skills.”


Do you have a list of projects you could use help with over the summer? Check out the InVEST website for a list of programs in your area. If you can’t find a program in your area, contact InVEST for information on how to get involved and start one.


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