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Apr 12
Offer Cyber to Small Businesses

​Imagine your small business client loses a laptop or business smartphone, or gets a call from a customer that a credit card was improperly used after a visit to your client's store.

Who does that small business call now? What do they do? What are the fines?

If your clients accept credit cards or collect personal information such as email or phone numbers, they have a cyber liability exposure. Merchants of all kinds should carry cyber coverage. Lawyers, CPAs, podiatrists, consultants, counselors, taxi operators, restaurants and bars, you name it. And as a Big “I" member, you have access to coverage through Big "I" Markets: the Cyber Liability – Small Business Solution, which you can offer to most small businesses with less than 50 employees at just $200.

The ineligible list is small, including only banks, credit unions, payment processors, gambling organizations, the adult industry, social media and networking firms, cloud providers, and security broker dealers.

At a minimum, email every small business in your client roster to offer coverage. We've done the work for you by creating this concise sample letter outlining the product features. You can also add claims examples to the email. Mail the letter through USPS, or use it as a reason to check in with a call or personal visit.

Coverage is "primary to other." If your client asks for more coverage, offer consultation after providing instant protection. If your client desires higher limits, you also have access to industry leader Travelers Wrap+ through Big "I" Markets.

Binding could not be easier. Enjoy 15% commission, direct billing and the confidence that comes with using an insurer rated A (Excellent) by A.M. Best.

To start a quote, log in to Big “I" Markets, choose Cyber Liability – Small Business Solution and provide a customer email in the quote request function. Big “I" Markets takes care of the rest, collecting the application and $200 via credit card directly from the customer, then paying you.

The policy and certificate are available 24-48 hours after payment processing. We post a signed application on Big “I" Markets, and a dedicated webpage is available to self-print the certificate and policy.

A brief How To Quote Cyber Liability video is also available on Big "I" Markets.

After sending your initial marketing letter, ask for a signed declination via DocuSign. Customize this sample form with your agency name.

Questions? Log in to Big “I" Markets and select Cyber Liability Small Business Solution from the commercial products menu, or email Big “I"​ Markets​. Note that coverage details vary by state.


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