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Oct 25
Big ‘I’ Markets Makes Standalone Jewelry Simple

​When it comes to insuring your clients' jewelry, turn to specialty jewelry insurance from Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group. Jewelry is all the company does—and it's been doing it for 105 years!

With Jewelers Mutual, claims start with a jewelry expert who knows exactly what your client needs, and end with a same-kind-and-quality jewelry piece from the trusted jeweler of their choice.

Refer to Jewelers Mutual's Co​mparison Chart for more information on the benefits of a standalone jewelry insurance policy compared to coverage through typical homeowners or renters insurance, or a rider. 

JewelersMutual1.jpgJewelers Mutual covers all types of jewelry—engagement rings, watches, earrings and even loose stones being set—with comprehensive repair or replacement coverage that goes beyond typical homeowners or renters insurance. It protects against common perils associated with jewelry loss, like mysterious disappearance, and includes worldwide travel. 

Retain your clients. Offer a q​uote for worry-free jewelry coverage. For more information, log in to Big "I" Markets and select Jewelry Insurance from the product listing. Coverage is available nationwide.  ​


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