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Aug 15
Selective Ramps Up Support for FEMA's 2022 Moonshot Goal

​With the 2019 hurricane season well underway, the nation is bracing for the possibility of damage from floods and storm surges. But only about 4 million properties are covered by flood insurance.

FEMA declared a "moonshot goal" to double that number by 2022. With the help of company employees who provide support through direct contact with agencies or by helping promote awareness of flood insurance, Big "I" Flood partner Selective is on a mission to help FEMA reach its goal.

Selective is a prominent player in the flood market. The company is the fifth-largest Write Your Own (WYO) writer of flood insurance through FEMA's NFIP and offers NFIP flood insurance for both personal and commercial properties in all 50 states.

A team of 10 flood territory managers cover the country and work with local agencies to provide flood policies to their clients. In recent months, Selective territory managers have partnered with commercial and personal lines staff to promote the importance of flood insurance to local agencies. Selective's flood team has also partnered with personal lines agents to include an NFIP flood quote with every homeowner policy.

"As more Selective field staff talk to their agency partners about flood insurance, the better the chances of consumers choosing flood coverage," says Lisa Tumminello, Selective Flood manager. "People don't recognize the need for a flood policy. But just because someone doesn't live in a hazardous flood zone doesn't mean they shouldn't have a flood policy."

One in five claims filed with the NFIP occurs at properties outside high-risk flood areas. But by the time floodwaters start lapping at a homeowner's doorstep, it's too late for coverage from a new NFIP policy. Flood policies generally have a 30-day waiting period before they take effect.

With hurricane season upon us, Selective's Flood team is re-emphasizing its message and spreading awareness in and around flood-prone areas. "We're trying to get everyone on board with the need to have flood insurance," Tuminello says.

Learn more by visiting Big "I" Flood online or contacting your Selective Flood Territory Manager


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