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Sep 26
If You Don't Answer, Somebody Else Will

​With the ubiquity of technology in business, it makes sense to rely on your web presence to find and keep your customers happy. Self-service is what they want, right? Well, not really. What they want are options. While most Americans go to the web or an app to initiate a purchase, many still contact customer service by phone.

The primary reason customers report for not wanting to communicate by phone is that it has become increasingly troublesome to get in touch with a real person. If faced with enough phone-tree options customers are forced into using self-help tools, but is that what you really want to do? Force them to do something they clearly didn't want to do in the first place? Isn't one of the biggest selling points of an independent agency providing customers with a personal touch and 24/7 service?

You can't be available all the time—not if you want to have a life—but hiring someone to cover the phones after hours or on weekends is expensive, especially when there aren't that many calls. Or are there? You can't just count the number of voicemails you get and assume that accounts for all of the customers who tried to reach your agency.

The majority of callers hang up when they reach voicemail. Moreover, a lot of those callers don't call back again, they just call someone else.

Sign up with Big "I" partner Insure Response and outsource your customer service calls on an as-needed basis, ensuring that your business will continue to run efficiently after hours and during weekends and holidays.

Your dedicated Insure Response team can ta​ke detailed messages, which can be customized to capture the information you need. Also, with access to your agency management system, Insure Response staff can post payments, refer calls to the appropriate carrier, send out certificates of insurance and more. You define the scope of what they do, and then Insure Response provides you with detailed notes, customized escalations and detailed service level reports. Moreover, every call is recorded.​

Big "I" members enjoy deeply discounted rates on Insure Response packages, including $200 off the one-time set-up fee ($450; members pay $250) and over $150 off the monthly minimum fee ($250; members pay $99).

To learn more or register, visit Insure Response online. Questions? Email Insure Response or call 866-466-7891. 


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