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May 21
Protect Clients with Coalition Cyber Liability

Cybercriminals are exploiting current business disruption by increasing social engineering attempts, creating fake COVID-19 related domains, increasing phishing attacks and more. How do you address cybersecurity with your clients? Where do you start? With a quote from Coalition.

In a matter of minutes, you can provide your clients with a cyber liability quote and Free Cyber Risk Assessment. The free assessment includes:

  • Critical alerts and remediation advice.
  • Customized security recommendations.
  • Analysis of all discovered servers and assets for known security vulnerabilities.
  • Analysis of all suspicious and vulnerable ports.
  • Darkweb scan to find stolen data and credentials.
  • Technology vulnerability detection and patch manager.

Coalition's free Learning Center is specifically designed to help businesses tackle the most common security tasks they face: 

  • Basic cybersecurity knowledge.
  • Tools and techniques for keeping business emails safe.
  • Protecting off-the-shelf and custom web applications.
  • Protecting the integrity and security of a domain name.
  • Types of malware and how to protect your business.
  • Security compliance, where to get started, and how Coalition can help.
  • Security best practices from industry professionals and guidelines.

Coalition's recent blog series on how your company can stay productive in a remote environment part 1 and part 2 provides guidance to you and your clients on how to maintain a successful and secure remote workforce.

Coalition's security engineers are ready to point you and your clients in the right direction. Log in to Big “I" Markets to request a quote today. Reach out to your dedicated cyber liability program manager, Carla McGee, with any questions or if you would like to walk through a quote.


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