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Jun 25
What is the Weighted Average Shareholder Age?

Weighted Average Shareholder Age (WASA) is a Best Practices metric designed to assess the relative age of an agency's ownership team. Calculated by using the sum of the agency owners' ages and multiplying it by the respective ownership percentages, a firm's WASA is one of the most critical metrics to gauge an agency's ability to perpetuate effectively.

As the aging demographic in our industry puts stress on its ability to perpetuate itself internally, Harrison Brooks and Mark Crites from Reagan Consulting explain why WASA is important in a Best Practices for Agency Operations webinar.

Learn more about WASA by watching the webinar on-demand. In just 15 minutes, you will learn current WASA trends, the definition of a healthy WASA, how to keep talented employees on the ownership track, and tips on lowering and maintaining a healthy WASA in your agency. This can be beneficial as a firm refines its internal perpetuation plans and hiring needs in a COVID-19 recovery world.

All past Best Practices webinars are available on-demand, including the most recent—COVID-19's Impact and the Insurance Industry's Response. These short educational sessions can help agents quickly learn from leading insurance experts to help make their agencies more efficient, profitable and sustainable. 

Additional information on the Best Practices program is available on the Big "I" website, including the 2019 Best Practices Study, which allows agents to compare their operations to high-performing agencies across the United States in six different revenue categories.

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