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Feb 16
Registration Open for Inclusive Agency Training Series

The Big “I" Diversity Council is pleased to announce that registration for the four-part Inclusive Agency Training Series is now open and the courses will go live March 15.

While many agencies may desire to build a more diverse, equitable and inclusive agency environment, it's hard for many leaders to know how and where to get started. Most of the DE&I training programs at our fingertips are not geared toward smaller businesses. Very few independent agencies have an HR department, much less a team of people that can devote time to exclusively work on their agency's DE&I business practices.

The Inclusive Agency Training Series is designed exclusively for you—independent agency leaders. Each of the four modules is available free and on demand, and is accessible both online or can be printed.

Training sessions include:

Module 1: Building Awareness of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

You've heard these terms being used but what do they mean for you and your agency? During this session we will explore these key terms and reference how they relate to your marketplace, workforce, and workplace.

Module 2: The Business Case for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Just like with any business practice, identifying the “why" behind DE&I must be clearly known before it is implemented. During this session, we will explore key data emphasizing the business case for DE&I. We will then further connect the dots on how to drive DE&I in your business decisions related to your marketplace, workforce and workplace. 

Module 3: Understanding Blind Spots and Microaggressions

We all have blind spots or biases that can negatively impact our journey in building a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture across our agencies. During this session, we will explore the science behind biases and learn how to combat them when necessary, along with other discounting behaviors.

Module 4: The Inclusive Agency: Developing an Inclusive Workplace

During this session, we will assess where we stand individually and where our agency team stands collectively in modeling an inclusive culture. We will then explore various ways we can move the needle forward as we strategically determine DE&I initiatives we can implement in our agencies.

Save your seat today—sign up now! 


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