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Feb 01
Offer Pet Sitting Home Business Insurance from RLI

It's one thing to watch a neighbor's puppy once in a while when they are out of town for the weekend. It's another thing completely when your customers have a legitimate pet sitting business. In the midst of long walks and playing fetch, it's easy to overlook the business risks that exist for pet sitting businesses.

Now's a great time to check in with your personal lines customers to see if they're pet sitting for an income. Whether it's popping in over the lunch hour to check in on a fur baby or keeping someone's pet company while they are on a month-long vacation, your customer can get their business covered with an RLI Home Business insurance policy.

An RLI Home Business Insurance policy provides coverage related to:

  • Business personal property, such as equipment, inventory and supplies, and business-related liability exposures.
  • Lost income.
  • Losses or damage from business activities conducted at the business owner's home or off-site at another location.
  • Business property while in transit.
  • Liability coverage when performing business-related activities at someone else's residence.


With liability limits up to $1 million and business property protection up to $100,000 with a $250 deductible, an RLI home business insurance policy provides valuable coverage at affordable rates.

Be smart when it comes to your pet sitter customers. Let them know that an RLI home business insurance policy is the best way to keep their focus on their customers' pets.

For more information about an RLI home business insurance policy, contact your state's administrator or visit the Big “I" Home Business webpage.


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