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Feb 25
Celebrate InVEST® Awareness Month

Since 1970, InVEST® has educated students on insurance basics and careers in the industry. Many InVEST graduates have entered the workforce, and the nonprofit organization wants to continue fueling the insurance industry’s demand for talent by building grassroots programs nationwide. But we need your help!


Join us in March for InVEST Awareness Month to increase donations to InVEST and encourage more volunteers to step forward to support local classrooms. InVEST has created tools to help you make a difference in the program that has been teaching students about insurance for more than 45 years.


Here’s how to get started:


Step 1: Unite
Learn how you can participate in the campaign by listening to a brief recorded webinar. Check out the campaign headquarters webpage for social posts and header graphics to use for each of your social media accounts. On March 1, change your header graphics to support InVEST and help us create unity throughout the industry. 


You can also download graphics here:

Step 2: Follow

Make sure you are following InVEST on Facebook and Twitter, then post at least twice a week during InVEST Awareness Month to show your support. Use the hashtag #InVESTAwareness when you chat about the event online.


Step 3: Promote

The week of March 1 begins the groundswell! Promotion week is all about taking a stand and showing your knowledge and support of the program. Your peers look to you and value your opinion. By showing your support of InVEST on your social channels, you are helping the InVEST mission reach more professionals.


Head to the campaign headquarters website for post templates to use on social media, plus infographics and much more.


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