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Two for Tuesday

Tuesday, September 14

Plug into the Power of Big "I" Markets

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Learn with AIG: An Underwriting Appetite Webinar
Join AIG's underwriting and marketing professionals for the next session in a continuing monthly webinar series dedicated to agents serving the High Net Worth (HNW) market at AIG's Private Client Group (PCG). Topics feature products exclusive to this exceptional client base, key selling points (including those unique to AIG), underwriting appetite and strategies on selling to HNW clients. The 30-minute sessions are open to all Big “I" Markets agents. Learn More


Access ACT's Online Disaster Guide
Unexpected and uncontrollable events have significantly impacted our country in recent days and weeks. The Big 'I' Agents Council for Technology (ACT) is here to help. ACT can assist you before, during and after a disaster occurs. ACT's Disaster Guide includes steps for developing a disaster plan, resources and tips to apply during the event, and guidance on what to do next once danger has passed. Learn More
Engage Caliper to Better Understand and Retain Your Employees
Do you have a hard time retaining and engaging talent? Is it challenging to fill key positions? Are you in danger of losing institutional knowledge?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you aren't alone. And given the current market conditions, has it ever been more important to retain top talent than now? Retaining and engaging employees is a top concern for most organizations. Work gets done through people, and having highly engaged employees results in higher morale, lower turnover, increased productivity, and better business results. Learn More
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