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Apr 14
Big "I" Markets Solves Most Homeowner and Dwelling Fire Risks

Whether your insured has a $33M home, a $330,000 home,  unsupported rental dwellings, or vacant dwellings, the personal lines department of Big “I" Markets has you covered. Our range of affluent, standard and non-standard homeowner carriers allow us to write most varieties of well-maintained home and dwelling fire risks, in all states.

Recently we brought the Non-standard Homeowner, Renters, Rental Dwelling and Vacant Dwelling product back in-house so our Personal Lines team can now offer the full range of HO products.

Key Features:

  • Specialty Affluent markets in all states

  • Standard Auto & Home in all states except HI

  • Surplus Lines Non-standard Homeowner, Renters, Rental Dwelling and Vacant Dwelling in all states except AR, HI, NE and WV

  • Access to carrier service centers for standard auto & home risks

  • Minimum Coverage A $200,000, depending on carrier and location of risk

  • Surplus lines policies may be subject to inspection and/or policy fees in all states where allowed

  • Quotes provided within 24 hours for most risks. Affluent submissions may take longer due to complexity of the risk.

Ineligible risks include knob and tube wiring, homes in poor condition/poor maintenance; mobile homes; risks with open claims. Risks with more than 2 family units, business or day care on premise may be considered on a case-by-case basis. Submit a quote request with a complete detailed explanation for consideration.

Big “I" Markets is a licensed surplus lines broker in all 50 states and D.C. and will complete all filings on behalf of your agency.  There is no requirement that your agency be licensed in surplus lines.*

*All members in SC must have at least one broker in the agency in order to quote admitted or non-admitted products with Big “I" Markets.

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