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Nov 17
Floods After Wildfires: How One Hazard Follows Another

According to the Insurance Institute of Building and Home Safety (IBHS), the August 2020 Complex fire in northern California has burned more than one million acres, and California has seen more than four million acres burned this year. Every time I read about wildfires – such as the August Complex fire – in the news, I think of massive tracts of land and vegetation ablaze. I think of the roar of the fire and the snapping of branches. I think of exhausted firefighters battling unrelenting flames. I think of people displaced from their homes.

And then I think of the floods that could follow.

Surprised? Wildfires and floods occurring in the same location may seem contradictory, as wildfires typically arise out of dry conditions. However, flooding is one of the most dangerous hazards that can follow a wildfire, even in places far from any rivers or lakes. Here’s why...

Read on to learn more on this topic from Selective Vice President of Flood Operations, Cassie Massone, on Selective’s blog.

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