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Helpful Hints for RLI Personal Umbrella Policy

The application is self-qualifying and must be completed in its entirety.  Make sure you include the name of your agency and your RLI Producer Number where indicated.  The RLI Producer number is obtained from your IIABA RLI State Association administrator.  Click here for your administrator contact information

Be sure each and every question is answered.  Incomplete applications result in extra phone calls, faxes or applications being returned, creating additional work and, more importantly, a possible delay in the requested effective date of coverage for your insured.

Effective Dates

If the application is accepted, the effective date will be the date requested, provided the application was received by the administrator within five days of the requested date.  Otherwise, the date received will become the effective date.  No binding authority is extended to the agent or the administrator.


All the rules are stated clearly on the application.  When the application is completed, you and your client will know immediately whether the business will be accepted and the rate to charge.  Do not send the application if an insureds response to even one question disqualifies them from coverage. This program does not grant exception underwriting.  It is not flexible enough to accommodate every situation, nor is it designed to do so.  No one at RLI can approve any exceptions to the self-underwriting application.

Application Submission and Premium Payment

Send the completed application to your RLI state association administrator not to RLI. Contact your state association administrator for instructions regarding payment options and whether net or gross payments are required. 

Policy Issuance

RLI will send two copies of the policy to the state administrator.  The state administrator will send the producer and insured copies of the policy to the agent.  Agents are responsible for delivery of the insureds policy. 


One renewal application is mailed to the insured from RLI.  Neither the administrator nor the producer receives a copy of the renewal application.  The renewal application is required to confirm eligibility for renewal and to determine the renewal premium. 
Insureds in FL, LA, NH, IN, WV or VT may also receive an Uninsured Motorist/Underinsured Motorist Acceptance/Rejection form along with the renewal application.  In all other states, this coverage is addressed on the renewal application itself. 
If RLI does not receive the renewal application by 10 days after the specified date shown on the form, a Notice of Nonrenewal is mailed to the insured from RLI with a copy of the renewal application originally sent.  RLI mails a copy of the Notice of Nonrenewal to the administrator, who needs to forward it to the producing agency.

When acceptable renewal application is received by RLI and the expiration date, RLI bills the insured for the renewal premium immediately.  Neither the administrator nor the producer receives a copy of the bill.  Premium is to be mailed in the return envelope provided, or the insured can make payment on-line using a login printed on the back side of the bill. Important: Renewal payments should be sent only to RLI, not to IIABA or the state administrator. 
Upon receipt of payment accompanied by the bill stub, a renewal policy will generate the next day for mailing.  RLI mails the insureds copy of the renewal declaration to the insured.  The agents copy is mailed to the administrator for delivery to the agent.   
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