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Tect Trends and Resources for the Independent Agent

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for the week of Sep 8

Insight + Analysis for the Independent Agent

New Trusted Choice® TV Ad Launches
Trusted Choice® is thrilled to announce the airing of the new Freedom Campaign TV commercial, which began on Sept. 8 on the Fox News Channel.
Learn How to Engage a More Diverse Workforce
During this week's 2014 Fall Leadership Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the Big “I” will hold a special diversity session on Friday at 9 a.m.-noon ET.
Need Help Navigating Lender Demands?
Insurance-related requests and demands from lenders serve as fodder for a new Big “I” Virtual University webinar series: “Lenders Gone Wild.”
Free Webinar: Agency E&O Risk Management
Want a 10% discount on your E&O premium for five years, in addition to your current policy discounts? Here's your chance.
Now is the Time to Try DocuSign
E-signature is here to stay. Take advantage of DocuSign’s free 14-day trial to see what the Big “I”-endorsed e-signature provider can do for your agency.
Your GL Covers You in the U.S.; ACE Has You Everywhere Else
Do you have business or non-profit clients that mistakenly assume their comprehensive domestic insurance coverage can handle worldwide exposures?
Are Your Clients Covered in the Great Outdoors?
When it comes to insuring venues for outdoorsmen and women, Big "I" Markets offers a program that will help you earn the high esteem of your customers.
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