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Tect Trends and Resources for the Independent Agent

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for the week of Sep 2

Insight + Analysis for the Independent Agent

Data Breach Coverage is Not Enough
Visit Big "I" Markets and offer your commercial clients a comprehensive cyber liability policy that includes coverage for ransomware, extortion, fraudulent instruction and more.
Ensuring Equine Safety During Storms
Based on extensive experience, Big “I" Markets partner AIG prepared a list of best practices for mitigating risks to horses during a catastrophic event.
Levitate Joins Agents Council for Technology
​Levitate, an application built by Real Magic that helps businesses keep in touch with clients, prospects and referral sources, is the newest company partner of the Agents Council for Technology.
Insure Response Answers Calls For Big ‘I’ Members
ign up with Big "I" partner Insure Response and outsource your customer service calls on an as-needed basis.
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