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May 04
Big ‘I’ Presents Young Agent, InsurPac Awards

Yesterday, the Big "I" presented a slew of awards at the annual Young Agents & InsurPac State Chairpersons Legislative Luncheon during the annual Big "I" Legislative Conference.

The event featured a keynote address by Rep. Joe Kennedy III (D-Massachusetts) and the presentation of the annual InsurPac and Young Agent awards.

In 2016, 33 states achieved their InsurPac goals and 27 achieved their Young Agent InsurPac goals. This year's winners include:

InsurPac National Championship Award (Texas): goes to the state whose agents contribute the most money for InsurPac in a calendar year. Collectively, Texas agents contributed more than $74,125 in 2016.

Young Agent National Championship Award (Florida): honors the state whose young agents donate the most money to InsurPac. Young Agents from Florida contributed $15,952—about 12% of the record $132,934 raised by 704 young agents nationally.

InsurPac Eagle Awards: recognizes states that surpass a fundraising average of $100 per member agency.

  • Idaho: $101 per agency
  • Nebraska: $102 per agency
  • New Hampshire: $109 per agency
  • Arkansas: $110 per agency
  • Montana: $111 per agency
  • Louisiana: $137 per agency
  • South Carolina: $162 per agency
  • North Dakota: $211 per agency

2016 InsurPac Young Agent of the Year (Robbie Moore of Georgia): Moore helped increase his state's young agent donations by 21 members and $4,000.

"As his Young Agents Committee chair, he worked hard to increase political involvement and actual specific contributions," said Veronica Della Porta, chair of InsurPac and president of Della Porta Group in Jacksonville, Florida, when presenting the award. "He put his money where his mouth was and quadrupled his own donation to InsurPac, becoming a major InsurPac donor."

2016 InsurPac Catalyst Award (Iowa): recognizes a state that shows great progress in InsurPac innovation and participation. This year, Iowa increased its number of donors by 28 people and its contributions by more than $5,000.

"When our PAC is strong, we all win," Della Porta said. "Iowa essentially created a perpetuation plan to produce results year over year. Additionally, they worked hard to engage crop insurance agents that had not been engaged in the past."


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