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Nov 30
Cover Commercial Drones with RLI

Have you checked out the photo blog Dronestagram? U.S. aviation officials predict that drones "will be the most dynamic growth sector within aviation" over the next few years. As potential commercial applications for drones continue to rise, the spotlight is on the importance of drone insurance coverage.

Those who operate a drone for hire or pay a drone operator to provide services for their business may be eligible for drone coverage under a Home Business Insurance policy from RLI, which includes coverage for designated drones with a maximum gross take-off weight of 55 pounds.

RLI now offers drone coverage for owners who use their drones in one of 140 eligible business classes, including real estate photography, wedding and family photography, home inspections and more.

Owned drones can be included in business personal property coverage on a specified perils basis. This does not include crashes or lost drones but covers theft, fire and other specified physical damage. Bodily injury and property damage coverage are also available, as are personal and advertising injury related to drone operations in some cases.

Filings have already been approved in most states and will eventually be approved nationwide, including Washington, D.C. Note that approval and implementation may be delayed in New York.

RLI is a specialty insurance company serving niche or underserved markets. Its proven, superior underwriting model offers flexibility to write unique coverages in a wide array of diverse industries. RLI streamlines processes, eliminates red tape and puts decision making in the hands of expert underwriters, giving them the resources and freedom to drive growth so producers can quickly and easily get customers the coverages they need.


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