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Dec 07
Is Your Agency Cyber-Compliant?

​Last year, Keeper Security and Ponemon reported that more than 50% of small and midsize businesses suffered a cyberattack. As technology in the insurance industry continues to advance, so does the importance of enhanced security measures.

Join Bill Larson, Paul Peeples and the Agents Council for Technology on Tuesday, Dec. 12 at 2 p.m. ET for a 30-minute webinar on three steps you can take to ensure your agency is cyber-secure and compliant: Cybersecurity Made Simple.

This webinar will walk attendees through critical cybersecurity issues facing every independent agent and provide a clear understanding of the risks associated with non-compliance, as well as a concise overview of all applicable security regulations. Agents will leave this insightful webinar with specific tools they can use to better comply with emerging cybersecurity regulations.


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