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Feb 01
Review the Risk Management Resource Roundup

​​Approximately two-thirds of Big “I" members secure professional liability insurance for their agencies through the Big "I" Professional Liability program. Do you?

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions and Big "I" Professional Liability work hard to ensure the most cutting-edge risk management information is available to our policyholders. If you're not yet part of our program, your dedicated state program manager would be happy to offer you a proposal. Contact your state association to request a premium estimate today.

E&O Happens website
This free website is our marquee risk management tool for members. It contains comprehensive information and tools about topics such as common mistakes that cause E&O claims, real-life case studies for learning, best practice tips, sample disclaimers, procedures and client letters, operational self-assessments, E&O-related articles, and more.

Big "I" Virtual Risk Consultant (VRC)
The VRC is a web-based resource that provides comprehensive tools such as industry-specific client risk exposure questionnaires and checklists. This fee-based tool helps agents better understand the coverage needs of customers, helping reduce the risk of “failure to offer" E&O claims.

E&O Claims Advisor e-newsletter
Published monthly and emailed to agency staff, this free e-newsletter provides valuable information on agency E&O trends and hot topics.

Risk management webinars
These quarterly webinars address emerging E&O risk management topics. Less than an hour in length and informative for all agency staff, the webinars feature detailed discussion from industry experts on reducing exposure to E&O claims.

Agency E&O seminar
This seminar is the basic foundation of agency E&O risk management and is an excellent and affordable way to introduce agency E&O risk management to agency personnel. Agencies with the requisite number of staff attending may qualify for a 10% premium credit and may also qualify for continuing education credits.

In-house E&O seminar
For larger agencies, an in-house seminar can provide good value by reducing travel and tuition costs. An instructor visits your office and leads a full- or half-day seminar for all agency staff, creating an awareness and building a culture of E&O risk management. Completion may qualify your agency for a 10% premium credit.

Agency operational improvement review
Voluntary completion of this review may qualify your agency for a 10% E&O premium credit, which is redeemable for five years on the next renewal.

Stay ahead of the curve—visit the E&O Happens website to stay plugged in to exclusive risk management resources from the Big "I." 


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