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Feb 01
Brush Up on HO Insurance with Lightning Learning Sessions

​The Big “I" Virtual University's new 20-minute Lightning Learning webinar series continues in February with more sessions on homeowners Issues​. The $9.99 registration fee includes all three sessions, plus a replay link for on-demand viewing or sharing within your agency.

Feb. 8: "Guaranteeing" Replacement Cost in the HO Policy

ISO makes two endorsements available to "guarantee" replacement cost protection:

  • HO 04 11: Additional Limits of Liability for Coverages A, B, C, and D
  • HO 04 20: Specified Additional Amount of Insurance for Coverage A Dwelling

Although both forms provide some "guarantee" toward full replacement cost protection, they differ in how they affect the policies to which they are attached. This session will:

  • Detail both endorsements.
  • Describe how each endorsement affects coverage.
  • Explain what the insured must do to qualify for coverage under both endorsements.
  • Explain how some agents are misusing these endorsements. 

Feb. 15: Special Limits of Coverage in the HO Policy

Certain types of personal property covered by the standard HO policy are subject to specific limits of coverage. If the insured and the agent aren't aware of these special limits, the property may not have enough coverage. Generally, this issue isn't discovered until after the loss, at which point it becomes it an agency errors & omissions problem. This session will:

  • Detail the HO policy's special limits.
  • Explain which limits can be increased and how.
  • Explain which limits that cannot be increased. 

Feb. 27: Understanding Dog Bite Rules and Statutes

More than one-third of HO claims are attributable to dog bites, according to an Insurance Information Institute report. States apply different rules regarding when liability is assigned to the dog owner. This session will:

  • Discuss the breeds that cause the most problems.
  • Detail various state rules.
  • Consider several carrier responses.

All Lightning Learning sessions begin at 11:30 a.m. ET. Send webinar questions can be sent to VU staff.


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