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Jun 14
Access Hurricane Season Education Resource

​Big "I" Markets partner AIG has developed a comprehensive checklist on preparing for a hurricane, which you may download to share with your clients and prospects.

Starting with general preparation tips, such as checking the caulk around windows and doors, the checklist covers what to do if a hurricane is imminent. Advice includes moving items to the center of rooms and elevating them against pooling water, as well as storing important documents into airtight plastic containers. The checklist also addresses what to do after a hurricane, such as running the air conditioner to help dry out the house faster.

AIG's Private Client Group homeowners coverage, available through Big “I" Markets, covers dwelling replacement cost valued at $500,000 or more in most states. Other coverage options include:

  • Yachts as part of a package account. AIG will also consider monoline yachts with a hull value of $300,000 and higher in non-CAT areas, and values up to $1 million in CAT areas.
  • Jewelry, fine art and collections, as part of a package.
  • High-symbol, high-performance vehicles with acceptable driving records as part of a package.
  • Collector car accounts as part of a package.
  • Condominium or renters insurance with at least $250,000 in contents.

AIG's Private Client Program is available through Big "I" Markets to agents in all states. Blow on over to Big "I" Markets and select Affluent Program – New Business to learn more!  


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