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May 29
Diversity Task Force Engages Millennials

Earlier this month, the Big “I” Diversity Task Force and InVEST® teamed up with the Chinese American Insurance Association (CAIA), Latin Agents & Brokers Association (LABA), National African American Insurance Association (NAIA) and Korean American Insurance & Financial Association (KAIFA) to host the first collaborative Insurance Industry Diversity Career Fair.


The primary goal? To target college students and recent graduates for employment in the insurance industry.


The Big “I” Diversity Task Force has a vested interest in participating in these events. Its principal aim is to increase industry awareness and involvement among the millennial generation and other underrepresented groups within the industry’s workforce, including women and members of the LGBT, African American, Asian and Hispanic communities.


The good news is this new workforce wants meaningful careers. According to Barry Salzberg, global CEO of DTTL, “millennials want to know how they will make a positive difference in the world if they join your business, not by wearing a colorful t-shirt on a special project once a year but in their actual work.”


But the challenge facing our industry is the fact that most millennials aren’t aware that a career in insurance can provide the meaningful work they are seeking—combined with a lucrative salary. How many people in other industries can say they helped someone rebuild their home after a disastrous storm, came to the aid of a young driver after a car accident or assisted a restaurant owner in paying an injured patron’s medical bills—all in a day’s work?


Visit the Big “I” Diversity Task Force online to take advantage of various free resources on “How to Market to People Not Like You.”


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