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May 29
Top 10 Countdown: Personal and Commercial Lines

Who doesn’t love a good top 10 list? In two new webinars, “The VU Top 10 Countdown” personal and commercial lines editions, Bill Wilson, director of the Big “I” Virtual University, will share top issues from the VU and tips on how to interpret insurance policies.


Here’s a sampling from the personal lines edition:


Build an Ark!
This topic considers  flood exposures and whether or not they’re covered by standard insurance policies or NFIP policies, with a focus on flood definitions; the dangers of not seeking limits beyond NFIP policies; coverages missing from the NFIP, such as basement contents; and the importance of the HO 04 95 endorsement.


What Is…
This topic examines what undefined policy terms might really mean according to expert interpretation and court decisions. Examples include surface water, sewer backup vs. accidental discharge, theft, wear and tear, mechanical breakdown and racing.


Let’s Spend Our Lives Together 
Most personal lines policies are designed to protect individuals, husbands and wives or traditional families. Insurance issues can arise from exposures involving significant others, including the use of the HO 04 58, PP 03 06 and nontraditional families or trusts.


Something or Somebody Stinks…Animal Claim Denials 
Do personal lines policies, particularly homeowners forms, cover damage caused by animals? It depends on the specific policy language, type of animal and kind of damage. This topic explores various forms of animal damage, including misconceptions about whether hitting a deer is covered by an auto policy that does not have comprehensive physical damage coverage.


Homeowners Vehicle Coverage Gaps…Here are Some “Mower” 
Homeowners policies can cover certain types of vehicles not designed for use on public roads, such as lawn mowers, bobcats, ATVs, watercraft and aircraft. But the specific types of vehicles and how they’re used can result in coverage gaps. This section will also illustrate the principle “Just Because It’s Not Covered Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Covered.”


Are My iToys iCovered?
Most consumers today own electronic devices, from cell phones to MP3 players to tablets to GPS systems. Common mistakes include failing to appreciate “artificially generated electrical current” peril limitations and overlooking critical data loss.


Registration is now open for these summer webinars. If you have any questions, email webinar staff.


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