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Jul 25
Reduce Human Error with Coalition’s New Cybersecurity Tool

​We live in an age where a cyberattack, technology failure or human error can cause anything from data theft to nuclear centrifuge explosion, local government and hospital shutdowns, hotel room lockouts, supply chain disruptions and even city-wide blackouts.

Coalition was founded to address cyber risk, which is now the most prevalent risk to businesses. Coalition's mission to solve cyber risk does not mean solving cybersecurity failures—those will happen. Instead, Coalition seeks to provide business owners and managers with an accurate picture of their exposure, the ability to manage the risk and, most importantly, resiliency if a loss event happens.

Prevention is an essential component of managing cyber risks. To that end, Coalition is excited to add a new Security Awareness Training tool to its suite of cybersecurity tools.

Provided in partnership with Curricula, the tool includes full access to engaging, story-based content, as well as employee phishing simulations. It will help your clients:

  • Reduce risk. Over 90% of security incidents are caused by human error, according to Coalition. Help employees avoid costly mistakes with brief, informative training and simulated phishing tests.
  • Stay compliant. Most industry compliance frameworks, such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, NERC CIP and the U.S. government—require at least basic security training.
  • Save money. Active use of security awareness training will reduce your clients' insurance premium at renewal. If your clients use Curricula, a discount will be applied automatically.

Coalition is offering free access to Curricula's full training platform, available exclusively through Coalition, for a policyholder's first 15 users. Discounts are also exclusively available to Coalition policyholders for each additional user.

Share this flyer with your clients and encourage them to log in to their Coalition Dashboard to sign up today! ​


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