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Sep 03
Bond Sales Simplified with Goldleaf Surety

Big “I" Markets partner Goldleaf Surety would like to take care of your bond placement frustrations. As a national surety provider licensed in all 50 states and working with more than two dozen surety companies, Goldleaf has the knowledge and relationships to provide you with a wide range of bonding capacity for all types, sizes and classes of bonds:

  • Contract Bonds. Bid bonds, performance bonds, payment bonds and subdivision or site improvement bonds are required when an individual or company has a contractual obligation to perform work or provide services to another entity. The bond guarantees that the individual or company will fulfill the terms of the contract.
  • License and Permit Bonds. These include a wide variety of bonds required by various government agencies throughout the country in connection with regulated professions. These bonds provide indemnification for loss or damage resulting from a license or permit holder's compliance with a law, ordinance or regulations.
  • Court and Fidelity Bonds. Court bonds guarantee that an individual or organization will fulfill their responsibilities as ordered by a court, while fidelity bonds indemnify an employer against financial loss due to dishonesty of an employee or protect a business from certain types of damage caused by employees.
  • Large Commercial Surety Bonds. These generally include bonds needed in conjunction with service contracts such as transportation companies, janitorial companies, garbage collection companies and “non-sticks and bricks" construction contracts, as well as manufacturing and supply contracts.
  • Technology and Software Bonds. Similar to contract bonds, these are required when an individual or company has a contractual obligation to perform work or provide services to another entity, in relation to software and technology projects. Unlike contract bonds, they are relatively new within the surety industry and the underwriting considerations are quite different for these industries.
  • Private Equity Acquired Firms. Proper structuring during the pre-acquisition period can significantly affect the bonding terms post-acquisition for the company. Our staff understands what surety companies want to see, how to mitigate risk, and how to help clients meet the bond requirements.

When it comes to your surety bond needs, sit back and relax—Goldleaf Surety has you covered.

You can access Goldleaf Surety by logging in to Big "I" Markets or emailing Big “I" Markets staff and an underwriter will contact you.


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