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Nov 13
Is Your Tech E&O Up to Date?

The technological push for smaller computers and other electronic devices requires compromises. The smaller the transistors, the more power they require to remain as accurate as their larger cousins.

A few weeks ago at the Association for Computing Machinery’s annual Object Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages & Applications conference, MIT researches presented a new system named Chisel that will allow programmers to add a certain level of errors to specific program sections. For example, in graphics, a programmer could use Chisel to test various levels of error in order to determine tolerated maximum level of error tolerance before display flaws become noticeable to the viewer. The trade-off could result in up to 19% power savings.

In the face of constant technological advances like Chisel, agents cannot afford to tolerate errors & omissions in their technology products and services. Technology Office Pac Travelers Select offers excellent technology products and services and recently expanded its appetite, coverages and endorsements.


For more information, view the “Technology Office Pac Travelers Select” product in Big “I” Markets.


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