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Sep 01
Georgia Young Agents are Champions for InVEST®

​Robbie Moore, immediate past chair of the Georgia Young Agents Council, and Bryan Griffis, commercial producer for Partners Risk Services, have expanded the InVEST® program in their state by harnessing volunteers, raising awareness and working tirelessly on events.

To raise money for InVEST programs and expand into more schools, the council hosted a wine toss event and golf outing—both of which had a great turnout and helped raise significant funds for the nonprofit organization. In order to pull it off, Moore and Griffis made InVEST a focus at all young agent meetings.

Engaging and retaining young talent starts in local high schools, where Griffis has focused a great deal of his energy. He met with local school administrators to promote InVEST and communicate the adaptability of the curriculum.

Although implementing the InVEST program at a school may seem daunting, Griffis says it's not difficult to create contacts and conduct meetings. He recommends reaching out to school administrators rather than teachers, because teachers are often very busy in the classroom. "It's easy to sell something if you believe in it," Griffis says. "Who doesn't want to impact someone's life?" 

Do you want to do more to help students, teachers and the industry? Griffis and Moore offer five tips for getting involved in the full story on the InVEST website.

Contact Victoria Goebel to share your InVEST story.


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