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Dec 15
Real Estate Agents Need E&O Coverage

Most real estate agents don't carry E&O insurance, but they often get sued for things completely out of their control. "Failure to disclose" is the most common type of claim.

For example, many buyers sue when they discover previously unknown defects or mold after the sale. Unfortunately, ignorance is not a defense—it's not enough that the real estate agent didn't know, because they should have. Even if a plaintiff fails to prove the agent knew or should have known, the agent must contend with their legal bills, which can add up quickly.

Travelers Real Estate Agents/Property Manager E&O insurance provides professional liability protection for claims or suits resulting from real estate agent or broker professional services. Policy features include:

  • Coverage for bodily injury and property damage resulting from a covered professional services.
  • Disciplinary proceeding defense expenses reimbursement up to $25,000.
  • Increased liability limits for those who qualify.
  • Defense expenses related to covered claims in additional to coverage limits.
  • Deductible that applies to defense expenses, unless endorsed or not allowed by state.
  • Option to provide prior acts coverage without a retroactive date limitation, for those who qualify.
  • Many extended reporting period options, including an unlimited time period endorsement option.
  • No exclusion for fair housing discrimination committed in real estate professional services as a real estate agent or broker.
  • No exclusion for losses resulting from a real estate agent or broker failing to advise a buyer or seller that pollution, fungi and bacteria exists on a property.
  • No sub-limits for certain types of claims.
  • Coverage for employees and independent contractors of the insured as protected persons for claims resulting from professional services they perform for the named insured.

Coverage is available in all states except California, Hawaii and Louisiana and is written on admitted paper.

Log in to Big "I" Markets and select Real Estate Agents and Property Manager E&O to learn more or to request a quote.


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