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Influence the industry's use of technology and workflow.

  • Engages industry innovators to create best practices for more consistent technology implementations
  • Creates best practices to improve technology workflow, cybersecurity, customer experience, and online marketing
  • Offers a forum for companies, agencies, technology providers, associations and user groups to forecast technology trends
  • Hosts bi-annual ACT meetings (virtual and in-person) and engages numerous virtual workgroups

The Agents Council for Technology (ACT) leads the independent agency system in implementing innovative technologies and workflows. This forum of agents, brokers, vendors, carriers and other groups conducts research and provides best practices recommendations to help the industry implement consistent effective technology. 

ACT's Mission is to bring together all independent agent & broker distribution stakeholders to advance the most effective workflows via consistent and accelerated technology implementations.  ACT members create industry-wide recommendations on e-Signature, customer experience, cybersecurity, real-time rating and download, emerging trends, the changing nature of risk and other tech-related focus areas.

Companies and vendors that want a more efficient and consumer-centric workflow will be on the leading edge by supporting ACT.

By supporting our programs you create a thriving market share for your distribution channel.  Thank you.

For more information on carrier and vendor membership opportunities, CLICK HERE or contact:

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