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LGBT Resources

Developed for the Big "I" by McDonald Marketing


This is the website for GLADD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation's) Advertising Media Program.

The Commercial Closet Association has created a list of advertising targeting this group and grades them.  This is a great place to study up on successful gay advertisements and learn best practices.


Blog by Mr. Colichman, who serves as Chief Executive Officer of Here Media, the world's leading multimedia company targeting the LGBT consumer. He is a well-regarded creative executive and producer with over 20 years of experience.




Another top news source with great features on politics, business and travel. It reports on the people, events, and experiences that impact the lives of gay men and lesbians across the US and abroad.




This is the online site for the top GLBT publication. Great place to learn more about GLBT culture and interests.



Gay and lesbian marketing insights from Merge LGBT Marketing & Advertising, a group dedicated to targeting the LGBT market.

This pop culture site is owned by Logo Online. It’s a great place to see what the gay community is interested in.
This site from Washington DC focusses on Ideas, Culture and Music. It has a fresh design and seems to really hit home with the 20 something set. Think hipster pop culture.



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