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Two for Tuesday

Tuesday, March 10

Plug into the Power of Big "I" Markets

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Jewelry Needs Spring Cleaning, Too
If you dislike cleaning, you’re not alone. In a survey done by Jewelers Mutual Group, only 1% of respondents felt they already knew how to properly care for their jewelry. Whether your client received jewelry as a gift or has had a piece for decades, make sure that cleaning and caring for their jewelry is on their spring-cleaning checklist. In addition to cleaning, keeping their jewelry safe is important, too. Provide them tips on when to take their jewelry off to prevent loss or damage. Learn More


Let Your Producers Produce
The lifeblood of the independent insurance agency is the producer, responsible for developing new business and expanding relationships with existing customers. Most agency principals know that the terms “agent” and “producer” are often used interchangeably in the industry, but a true producer is hard to find and someone you want to keep focused on the task of selling. While servicing existing business is crucial to long term success, keeping the sales funnel full sometimes suffers at the hand of continual service requests. So how does an agency keep both of these critical business functions in balance? Learn More
Landing the Big Fish
Did you happen to read about the Minnesota man who caught a massive muskie last week? At 54 pounds it is far shy of the official record holder of 67 pounds, but is still a huge catch. Now that he's landed a whopper, do you think he'll stop fishing? Well, would you stop selling insurance just because you landed a whopper account? Learn More
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