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Mar 10
Jewelry Needs Spring Cleaning, Too

If you dislike cleaning, you're not alone. In a survey done by Jewelers Mutual Group, only 1% of respondents felt they already knew how to properly care for their jewelry. Whether your client received jewelry as a gift or has had a piece for decades, make sure that cleaning and caring for their jewelry is on their spring-cleaning checklist. In addition to cleaning, keeping their jewelry safe is important, too. Provide them tips on when to take their jewelry off to prevent loss or damage.

We found that 60% of respondents do not remove their engagement ring while washing their hands and over 50% of respondents do not remove their engagement rings while showering.

Here's why your clients should be taking their rings off during these times:

When you wash your hands: Cool temperatures can cause your fingers to shrink, creating room for your ring to slip off. You may not even notice and now you're searching ways to get your ring out of the drain.

When you are showering: While your favorite body wash or shampoo may seem harmless, they could cause grimy buildup on or even contribute to deterioration of your ring.

Pass it on.
Additional information on cleaning and caring for jewelry is available on Jewelers Mutual's Cleaning and Care Guide.

In addition to cleaning, spring is a great time to remind clients to take inventory of their jewelry collection and insure any pieces they may have unprotected.

What is covered with a Jewelers Mutual policy?
- Loss
- Theft
- Damage
- Mysterious disappearance

Plus, coverage goes with them wherever they travel, worldwide, for those upcoming spring break plans.

Trust Jewelers Mutual to protect your clients' jewelry and gain trust as your clients' dedicated agent advisor. Provide a quick and easy quote with Jewelers Mutual at

For more information about Jewelers Mutual, visit Jewelry Insurance on the Big "I" Markets product listing. Coverage is available to Big "I" agents in all states.

Coverage is subject to underwriting review and approval, at to the actual policy terms and conditions.

Coverage is offered by a member insurer of Jewelers Mutual Group, either Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, SI (a stock insurer) or JM Specialty Insurance Company. Policyholders of both insurers are members of Jewelers Mutual Holding Company.

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