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Tuesday, August 3

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Why Do Water Sensors Make Sense for Condos?
When a pipe bursts or an appliance leaks in a condominium, that water can damage not only the condo's walls, floor and cabinetry, but the neighboring units as well – potentially requiring multiple families to undergo renovations and repairs.

One way to catch water leaks before they cause major damage is by installing point-of-leak water sensors. Your clients would place these sensors around devices that use water, such as toilets, washing machines, or refrigerators. If a sensor detects water, it is designed to immediately sound an alarm and send an alert, letting your client know there is a problem. Learn More


Upcoming Webinars
Many exciting free webinar opportunities are available in August to Big "I" Markets agents, including sessions from AIG, Chubb, and the Big "I" Professional Liability risk management team. Learn More
Improve Your Agency's Security With These 7 Tips
Coalition reports businesses of all sizes and across all industries experienced cyber claims. Josh Motta, Cofounder & CEO of Coalition, explains in his blog, “Organizations are targeted by threat actors because they have made poor technological choices, oftentimes exposed to the public internet, that make them targets. They are targets of opportunity." Learn More
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