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Aug 03
Improve Your Agency's Security With These 7 Tips

Coalition reports businesses of all sizes and across all industries experienced cyber claims. Josh Motta, Cofounder & CEO of Coalition, explains in his blog, “Organizations are targeted by threat actors because they have made poor technological choices, oftentimes exposed to the public internet, that make them targets. They are targets of opportunity."

So what can your agency do to become less of a target? Request your copy of the Big “I" Markets/Coalition 7 Tips For Securing Your Agency Against Cyber Threats!

Each “tip" is linked to an article in Coalition's free Learning Center providing further guidance and details for implementing or improving security controls. A chat feature is readily available at the bottom of each page to ask questions or request further context from Coalition's in-house cybersecurity experts.

Updating your agency's systems and defenses is one of the 6 Ways to Get Started on Your Agency's Cybersecurity Defenses suggested by Eric Lipton, Big “I" Senior Counsel.

Coalition provides world-class technical know-how to help prevent, mitigate, and respond to cyber incidents. Log into to quote your commercial book or reach out to Carla McGee, Cyber Liability Program Manager, if you have any questions.

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