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Jun 01
What Makes a Best Practices Agency the Best?

The annual Best Practices report compiles benchmarking data on the key metrics of agency performance and value. Does your agency focus on the following Best Practices characteristics?

Customer service: Best Practices agencies use both formal and informal surveys to evaluate customers' perceptions of the agency's success at meeting their expectations. Frequent customer contact focuses on educating the client, building the account, explaining new products and prices, and making each interaction pleasant and productive.

Business operations: Technology is a necessity for growth, continuous improvement, and customer contact and satisfaction. Best Practices agencies streamline workflows and strive "to do things right the first time." Continuous improvement is also key—these agencies continually measure their performance against past performance, along with the performance of competitors and successful non-insurance enterprises.

Focus on revenue growth is critical to long-term survival. Growth results from focusing on account development and leveraging relationships. This means developing new ways of finding customers and maintaining those relationships through social media and other technologies.  

Leadership: Success starts from the top with participatory management. Managers are involved in day-to-day operations, and they share financial information to make sure their employees understand profit expectations. Employees have the authority to exercise their responsibilities and have input in planning and budgeting. Best Practices agencies have a clear mission statement that focuses on the customer, and every employee understands it.

People first: Agency staff is valued and involved. Employees receive the education, training and tools they need to thrive. They are expected to perform at high levels and to grow both personally and professionally. Best Practices agencies seek win-win supplier relationships, as well as partnerships with insurers that share their vision and values. Trust, respect and communication are key.

To learn more, register for the free Best Practices for Agency Operations webinar series or email Best Practices staff.


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