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Jul 19
Lightning Learning Sessions Set to Strike in August

​The Big “I" Virtual University (VU) is dedicated to providing the training you and your staff need to serve clients and carrier partners. To offer learning flexibility, the VU presents deep-dive webinars, including the recently scheduled The Never-Ending Problem with Certificates of Insurance, and fast-paced 20-minute Lightning Learning sessions. 

The one-time registration fee gives you access to all August Lightning Learning sessions, which begin at 11:30 a.m. ET on the following schedule.

Tuesday, Aug. 7: Your Insureds and Contractual Risk Transfer

Understanding contractual risk transfer is a key requirement for staying out of trouble when you insure contractor risks. But even if you don't insure construction-type operations, you will be subject to contractual risk transfer language at some point—you can count on it.

In this session, we will succinctly answer seven contractual risk transfer FAQs.

Thursday, Aug. 16: Explaining the Total Cost of Risk (It's More Than Premiums)

When was the last time your client said, "That premium seems fair—the insurance company is getting adequate premium to cover its exposure, and I'm getting the protection I need"? Probably never. More likely, you've heard, frequently, "I can't believe I have to pay out all this money. The insurance company is killing me. Can't we get this premium down?"

What the insured doesn't understand is that insurance is not about price—it's about the cost of risk. In this session, we'll detail the seven costs of risk insureds must consider.

Tuesday, Aug. 28: Coinsurance – Down and Dirty Explanation

Coinsurance provisions in property policies exist primarily to assure the insurance carrier receives adequate premium for the coverage it provides. Without a coinsurance condition and its applicable penalties, insureds might be willing to purchase an amount of coverage somewhat less than the value of the subject property because of the statistically low probability of a total loss.

In this session, we dispel the myth that coinsurance is as easy as: Did/Should x Loss – Deductible = Payment.

Can't attend live? Register and we'll send recording links to your inbox. View the complete 2018 VU education calendar online and send any questions to VU staff.


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