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Sep 20
Consider Home Business Insurance for Artisans

​Oh, what ho, brave knights and fair ladies of insurance agency-dom! 'Tis the Renaissance festival season, when fictional 16th-century English villages pop up around the nation to welcome thousands of guests who wish to imagine life in a different era while shopping, eating and enjoying entertainment.

Local to the national Big “I," the Maryland Renaissance Festival is one of the largest in the nation—and many of the exhibiting artisans, like their fellow artists and artisans around the country, could benefit from RLI's Home Business Insurance policy.

Home-based business owners may think their homeowners or renters policies will cover the cost of loss or damage to business equipment, inventory or supplies. But in reality, most policies exclude coverage for business exposures. It's always wise to ask your customers about their home-based business exposures and review their policies to see if they need additional coverage.

For the Renaissance crowd in particular, RLI's Home Business Insurance policy could be appropriate for those who craft leather goods, clothing or costume jewelry; work as food or drinks vendors; and run a game or puzzle stall.    

Many festivals and fairs require vendors to list the event organizer and property owner as an additional insured, and RLI can accommodate that as well. Coverage includes up to $1 million in business liability protection, up to $100,000 comprehensive coverage for business personal property, $5,000 per person for medical payments to customers injured on-premises, and coverage for loss of income.

The product's target demographic includes more than 140 retail and service risks that present minimal product and/or professional liability exposures. Coverage also extends to business personal property that is in transit or temporarily off-premises, when an insured is offering products at county fairs, tradeshows and galleries.

Learn more about RLI's Home Business Insurance policy online. ​


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