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Mar 12
Better Way: Learn More in March 26 Webinar

The Big “I" and The Better Way Agency have joined forces to provide members with the tools they need to take their agencies to Best Practices status.

Join us on March 26 at 1 pm ET for a free informational webinar to learn more about how to bring this program into your agency. 

The Better Way Agency program was created by an independent agent who leveraged his successes with his marketing and management systems into a program that could be shared with other agencies owners to help them grow their personal and small commercial lines business.

One of the system's success stories centers around two young agency owners in the Midwest. Despite a lack of experience in the business, they bought a $1 million-income agency and followed the Better Way Agency systems. In seven years, their income rose from $1 million to $6 million. Other than the single $1 million acquisition, the growth was entirely organic.

The program consists of three phases:

  • Know where you are today, which means knowing your business strategy risks, numbers and people, including ensuring that you have the right personal and commercial risk managers.
  • Obtain the foundational knowledge needed to create your core strategies for growth and operations within your agency.
  • Round out with detailed strategies to design and implement the processes for your personal and commercial risk managers to succeed.   

The Better Way is presented via a library of video lessons with accompanying workbooks and includes exclusive access to bimonthly webinars to reinforce the basics. Members join a community of like-minded agencies, all committed to eliminating commodity-based sales and unprofitable accounts.


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