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Sep 18
Conference Attendees Learn How to Embrace Workforce Diversity

During last week’s Big “I” Fall Leadership Conference, the Big “I” Diversity Task Force teamed up with the Virtual University and young agents committees to host a special event entitled “Engaging a New Workforce – Multicultural, Multigenerational, Multifaceted and Multitalented.”


The event began with millennial guru and “Ties to Tattoos” author Sherri Elliott-Yeary, who laid the foundation by discussing the four current consumer generations  that are now working side by side for the first time in our nation’s history: traditionalists, baby boomers, Generation X and millennials. Elliott-Yeary detailed what shapes each generation’s thought process and value systems and shared tips for bridging the generational gap to promote collaboration across generations.


Joe Paul, motivational speaker and author of “Morning Cup of Joe,” moderated a panel discussion with agency owners and managers whose ages spanned several generations. During this discussion, panelists answered a wide array of questions pertaining to agency culture, dress code, their biggest fears about the millennial workforce and what’s most important when hiring new talent.


The event concluded with leading brand strategist and founder of the Brand Camp University Hajj Flemings, who discussed “Branding Yourself to Welcome the New Workforce.”  Hajj explained that agencies are brands regardless of whether they consider themselves to be, noting how important it is to ensure your agency’s offerings do not become a commodity. Discussing the importance of standing out and the influence of the internet and social media in doing so, Hajj placed special emphasis on the buying power of minorities, encouraging agencies to work on attracting untapped consumer groups like women, African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanics, the LGBT community, millennials and more.


Want to make sure your agency is in a good position to embrace diversity, grow profits and maintain its competitive advantage? Take advantage of the Big “I” Diversity Task Force’s free resources on “How to Market to People Not Like You” along with other related materials.


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