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Mar 26
Are You Powering Up to Your True Sales Potential?

Sales are the heart of an agency. But have you truly considered the impact of that analogy?


Doctor’s offices, medical websites, TV ads and more agree that heart health is the key to your body’s energy, stamina and longevity. Heart condition is a major factor in how your body realistically pursues quality-of-life activities—in fact, some say the heart, not the brain, is the center of all life.


Isn’t the same true for your agency? How much focus have you placed on the current and future health of your sales? When was your last sales EKG/stress test?


The Big “I” Best Practices program can help you get back in touch with your core.


To begin, download the “Sales Potential Quick Check”—a free spreadsheet developed directly from the proven success data of the Best Practices program to test your agency with specific questions in four key areas of agency sales analysis. By ranking your current level of performance for each question on a scale from “not doing” to “doing great,” the resource calculates a “sales health” score that you can compare to the provided results scale to quickly determine whether your agency’s sales heart is healthy, driving current and future success or teetering on the edge of cardiac arrest.


Visit the Best Practices Gateway for the 2014 Best Practices Study Update, a “Guide to Producer Contracts” and more.


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