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February is Insurance Careers Month

Insurance Careers Month: Get Involved

Insurance Careers Month: Get Involved

February 2024

The Invest Program and Big I Diversity Council is proud to partner with APCIA and Insurance Careers Movement for February for Insurance Careers Month. Invest is committed to shaping the educational landscape and fostering career opportunities in the insurance industry with a focus on independent agents. Invest provides a free insurance curriculum to high schools, community colleges and workforce development groups educating individuals on the 49 different careers available in the industry.  

Get involved throughout February by posting on social media something related to each week’s theme listed below.  

Use the Hashtags!

#InsuranceCareersMonth #IndependentAgent #NationalInvestProgram 

Helpful Resources

Insurance Careers Movement (ICM)

ICM Industry Collaboration

February ICM Social Media Calendar

Volunteer with Invest, Now Partnering with DECA

Insurance Careers Trifecta

#DayInTheLife Join in on Feb.28

Why An Insurance Career?

Week 1-2, Career Opportunities 

Highlight how your agency fosters diversity, equity, and inclusion. Per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly half a million insurance employees plan to retire in the next few years. Help others find the next step in their career path in insurance! Share the strong opportunities with your organization by spotlighting emerging leaders and highlighting opportunities in demand and growth. See below for posting ideas.

Are you searching for a new job? Our agency is hiring! Check out the strong career opportunities available in insurance. #insurancecareersmonth #ICM2024  #IndependentAgent #NationalInvestProgram (Add a link to your career opportunities)

Our agency is celebrating Black History Month! (Highlight how your company is celebrating Black History Month) #blackhistorymonth #BHM #ICM2024 #insurancecareersmonth #InsuranceCareersMonth #IndependentAgent #NationalInvestProgram

Week 3, Professional Development

Highlight your training and networking opportunities, how your company is reaching out to high school students, community colleges and college students. Highlight continuing education programs and workforce development groups. 

Check out how the insurance industry is providing continuing education programs, mentorship, association involvement, conference attendance, rotational development opportunities, educational financial support and more! (Add your company information on your educational development and support initiatives) 

#ICM2024 #insurancecareersmonth  #IndependentAgent #NationalInvestProgram

Week 4, Innovation and Impact 

Illustrate how your agency is driving innovation for your customers and highlight tech, data analytics, AI, and how it is transforming the industry. 

Our agency is committed to supporting communities and helping foster financial wellness.

(Add language on your company's economic impact and how you help foster financial wellness)

#insurancecareersmonth #ICM2024 #economicimpact  #IndependentAgent #NationalInvestProgram

The insurance industry is innovating to help mitigate, manage and respond to risks around the world and help people in need.

(Add information on how you company is innovating to help mitigate, manage and respond to risks)

#insurancecareersmonth #ICM2024  #IndependentAgent #NationalInvestProgram

Week 5, Workplace Culture

Showcase how your agency encourages employees to bring their authentic selves to work. Highlight any mental and physical wellbeing initiatives.  

Bring your authentic self to work at our agency!

(Add information on how your agency focuses on the employee experience and your company culture)

#insurancecareersmonth #ICM2024  #IndependentAgent #NationalInvestProgram

Your physical health and mental wellbeing are a priority for insurance employers. Check out how our company is supporting employees!

(Add language on company initiatives)

#ICM2024 #insurancecareersmonth #wellness  #IndependentAgent #NationalInvestProgram

Share your story, or share one of the videos or social media graphics below to help showcase insurance careers.

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