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May 24
Next-Level Customer Experience

We hear more and more often how customers anticipate an exceptional interaction. Expectancies have changed during this digital revolution. How businesses embrace the changing technology landscape to give clients what they want, need and expect will determine how successful they are in the future.

The key question though is: How can agents provide outstanding service that will help them attract and retain clients?

The Big “I" Agents Council for Technology customer experience (CX) website is a powerhouse of resources that provide agents with guidance and insights into the six stages of the CX lifecycle and the touchpoints along the path.  The materials, links and information provide opportunities for increasing an agency's effectiveness at each stage of customer contact.

Sometimes an information packed website can be overwhelming—and that's why ACT has released the CX agency self-assessment!

This easy online self-assessment asks a series of questions about technology touchpoints across a consumer's insurance journey. The questions will determine an agency's strengths as well as where attention should be focused to provide an excellent customer experience. Helpful links to areas of ACT's CX website appear as the assessment is completed. And agencies receive a summary of results including the links to the CX website for best-of-class tools to help them get started.  

This self-assessment was created with the expertise and knowledge of our Customer Experience Work Group, which includes agents, tech vendors, user groups and carriers.  We would love to have you share this tool with your agency partners. Email ACT staff to receive our CX promo kit available with a flyer, social post graphics and clear direction on how to use those materials to share this information. Co-branding is also available. Want more from ACT? Download this overview. 


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