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Jun 22
Are You Making These Common Website Mistakes?

It's nearly impossible to grow a thriving business and brand without a digital presence. If consumers are researching your agency, odds are your agency website is their first stop. But is your website built to drive them there, keep them there and generate business?

Even the smallest website mistakes can have a big impact on consumer experience. When developing a digital presence, many independent insurance agents make these common mistakes:

  • No social presence
  • No visible contact information
  • No About Us page
  • No call to action
  • No reviews or testimonials
  • No blog
  • Broken links
  • Poor SEO
  • No analytics tool
  • No mobile functionality

It's easy to make these mistakes, especially if you're fairly new to the digital world. If you haven't committed these digital sins, you're on the right track. But if you have, there's always time to start your Trusted Choice® digital review.

Trusted Choice digital reviews explore an agency's website and social media accounts to determine weaknesses, discover opportunities and build on strengths. These in-depth reviews cover all corners, delivering performance measurements and analytics as well as qualitative insights on ways to improve.

To schedule your digital review today, contact Madeleine Stern.


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