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Dec 18
An Ode to Member Benefits

Please enjoy our lighthearted overview of member benefits available to you through Big I Advantage®. For more information on any of these programs, use the links below or call 800-221-7917.

An Agent’s Night Before New Year’s


‘Twas not long ‘til New Year’s
(Which seemed beyond belief)

So I thought to myself,
I’ll turn over a new leaf!

As a proud member of my amazing Big “I” state association,
I get national membership, too! What a great realization.

Spent 2014 growing my book as best I was able,
But was it possible I left some member benefits on the table?

I shipped packages all year, but I paid full price!
With my UPS discount, that expense can be sliced.

I saved for retirement but paid high plan fees.
Next year, I’ll wise up, and get a quote from Christine!

I sent out applications the old-fashioned way.
That’s about as efficient as taking a sleigh.

In 2015, I’ll switch to DocuSign,
And by 2016 I’ll improve my bottom line.

I hired some staff but forgot to use Caliper.
With my next addition, I’ll use personality testing for sure!

I banked with a random bank I saw on TV,
This year I’ll try InsurBanc, a bank designed for me!

What else can I do to make money and grow?
Is there more I can access? I’m feeling gung ho!

I’ll get a fresh quote from Big “I” Professional Liability,
Then, to help avoid claims, I’ll subscribe to VRC.

I’ll offer personal umbrellas to every client.
I’ll visit E&O Happens to ensure I’m compliant.  

I’ll roll my flood book to Big “I” Flood now,
So that in the event of a storm my clients, won’t have a cow.

And before the year starts, I’d be wasting my dues
If I skipped Big “I” Markets for a quick product review.

On affluent homeowners! On non-standard, ho!
On bonds, on marine, on events! LRO!

On travel insurance and on, vacant dwelling!
On commercial, on bicycles, let’s go and get selling!

Yes, 2015 is the year I’ll take advantage.
I’ll maximize every Big “I” benefit I can manage.

And this time next year, you’ll hear me say with delight,
“Big I Advantage® offered it all, and helped my agency take flight!”


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