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Best Practices

This important industry research allows unique insight into how high performing agencies operate across the United States. 

Learn more about the Best Practices program here. 

To be the best, you study the best.

Each year the top agencies in the country in each of the six revenue categories agree to open their operations and financials to the Study. Through extensive questionnaires, interviews, analysis of financials and on-site visits, patterns emerge. Although any agency has unique ways of operating and approaching its chosen marketplace, the research discovers definite best practices all successful agencies pursued.

To guarantee the information and statistics are as fresh and accurate as possible, ongoing updates to the information from the original study are compiled annually, with a full new study completed every three years. The study findings form the foundation for all the IIABA Best Practices tools, whether seminar, publication or online resources.

 Best Practices subject matter includes:

  • Customer Service
  • Perpetuation
  • Agency Benchmarking
  • Producer Contracts
  • Hiring, Training Producers
  • Sales and Service Staff Compensation/Productivity
  • Tax Issues & more.

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