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ALEXANDRIA, Va., Feb.1, 2008—Frontline Insurance Managers, based in Lake Mary, Fla., is the newest independent agency system insurance company to join the Trusted Choice® brand movement. 

Trusted Choice® was launched in 2001 by the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (the Big “I”) and several independent agency companies to highlight the benefits independent agencies and brokerage firms offer consumers—choice of companies, customization of policies and advocacy support.  

 “Our partnership with Trusted Choice® is the culmination of ten years of hard work,” says Leman Porter, president of Frontline Insurance Managers. “Our commitment to providing higher standards of service and value makes Trusted Choice® a natural match.”  

 Frontline Insurance Managers encompasses First Protective Insurance Company and Fidelity Fire & Casualty Company. First Protective Insurance, founded in 1998, and Fidelity Fire & Casualty, founded in 2005, were started to meet the growing insurance demands of Florida homeowners. Their shared mission is to provide Floridians with affordable homeowners coverage and superior customer service. First Protective Insurance offers insurance for all types of homes, focusing on coastal properties, which are often subject to volatile market conditions. More information can be found on the companies’ Web sites at and

 “We have built a solid reputation by providing Florida homeowners with a stable and affordable insurance market,” says Tom Poppell, vice president of sales for Frontline Insurance. “We look forward to building on that reputation with our membership in Trusted Choice®. We will be proud for all three of our entities to display the logo of Trusted Choice® membership.”  

“Everyone is well aware of the unique challenges in Florida’s insurance markets and we are pleased to have Frontline Insurance Managers through Fidelity Fire & Casualty Company and First Protective Insurance Company join Trusted Choice® to serve independent insurance agents and their customers in Florida,” says Dave Evans, executive director of Trusted Choice®. “We look forward to aiding their expansion into other states.”  

 “We are pleased to have Frontline Insurance Managers earn membership in Trusted Choice® and for their commitment to the Trusted Choice brand,” says Jeff Grady, President and CEO of the Florida Association of Insurance Agents.  

Trusted Choice® educates consumers about the benefits of using independent agents and brokers for their insurance needs: choice of companies, customized policies and advocacy support. Trusted Choice® is the consumer marketing identity for over 9,700 independent insurance agencies, brokerage firms, their branch locations and 45 leading insurance companies, including Frontline Insurance Managers, and its entities, First Protective Insurance Company and Fidelity Fire & Casualty Company. 

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