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Ease of Doing Business

This report provides the industry with guidance on how to communicate and train agencies in new technologies and workflows most effectively and provides compelling 'success stories' that will motivate agencies to implement real-time interfaces, commercial lines download, and strategies to become 'paperless.'
Carrier marketing reps who are knowledgeable about the carrier's Real Time, Download, and other technology benefits play an important role in promoting the carrier's ease of doing business with its agency force. This AUGIE guide is a must for both carriers and agencies planning agency-carrier marketing visits.
Broad segments of the industry have come together and have taken the unprecedented step of forming the Real-Time/Download Campaign to promote agents’ ease of doing business. The participating agents, brokers, carriers, vendors, user groups, and associations have seen how Real Time and Download are benefiting agency workflows, customer service, and bottom lines, and they want to see more agencies gain these advantages.
The current disparity of carrier handling of passwords within the real-time environment is reducing the benefits of real-time workflows and is discouraging some agency employees from using Real Time. In this report, the ACT Real-Time Management Work Group makes the business case for changes in carrier and vendor password handling in the real-time environment based upon new password workflows that some carriers and vendors have already started to implement.
Several carriers are taking important steps to be easier to do business with for their independent agencies. Here are the top 10 ways these carriers are improving agent-carrier workflows.
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