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Going Paperless

Even before going into our COVID world, customers were expecting ‘instant’ service – Via texting & electronic document delivery. ACT has worked with our knowledgeable Big ‘I’ general counsel staff to create a couple of great resources for agents Note: the FCC, through its TCPA ruling requires that when businesses text with customers, you must enact an agreement not only acknowledging texting, but also what can be texted, and also giving customers Opt-In Opt-Out capability. We have all this and more covered with a downloadable agreement you can share with your new and existing customers.
If you have been around long enough you may recall the call for the industry to be “Paper-Free in ‘83”. It is now 35 (!!) years later, and the insurance industry still generates a significant amount of paper. Clearly, there have been many changes and advancement, but is enough? Let's decide together!
This report is focused on the “best practices” for policy delivery from the carrier to the agent electronically, as well as from the carrier or agent to the insured by paper or electronically.
Agencies should have an agreement with their customers on sharing electronic documents, eSignatures, as well as access to agency customer portals. Check out this free resources for BIg 'I' agents.
This eSignature Benefits Guide is meant to provide consistent selling points inside the agency - and to customers - on the benefits of using eSignature products as part of agency workflow.
This eSignature Training and Troubleshooting Guide is intended as a resource for agencies in choosing, implementing, and developing their eSignature workflow. It contains guidance on background in selecting your solution, as well as workflow insights, and additional background resources.
Our ACT eSignature work group has created this visual guide to show the clear insights on the significantly reduced workflow impacts of using eSignature to provide improved, speedy service and turnaround on documents for customers.
Compiled by the ACT eSignature Work Group, these are known Carriers who have publicly indicated they will accept eSignatures from agents & brokers who are using legally-compliant vendor solutions.
There’s been movement to eliminate the agent copy of personal lines policies - Most agencies do not receive a physical “agent’s” copy of a policy anymore. ACORD 'Activity Notification' messages are used today by a number of companies to send copies of policies to their agents.
In this third and final part of our ACT eSignature series, we offer a summary for agents and brokers - Resources and considerations to assist in making strategic decisions.
In this second part of our three-part ACT series on eSignature, we overview some of the vendor integrations that have emerged. Also provided are a number of vendor and industry resources for more background in planning an effective eSignature strategy.
In this series of articles from ACT, we are providing insights on the benefits and ROI of Electronic Signatures – for Carriers, Technology Providers, and Agents & Brokers. In this first installment, we detail some of the industry traction – and opportunities - for our Carrier partners.
This article discusses how electronic policy delivery from carrier to agent, as well as from carrier or agent to insured, can heighten efficiency for both agents and carriers and create improved agency and customer experiences. The article summarizes the recommendations of ACT’s Policy Delivery Work Group and provides helpful guidance to both agencies and carriers as they make the transition to electronic policy delivery. Following ACT’s recommendations will promote more consistency in how carriers deliver policies to their agencies electronically, and what is included in those policies.
This post reviews 'Guidelines for e-Signature and e-Delivery in the Insurance Business,' produced by the law firm Locke Lord and commissioned by ACORD. In addition to linking to the full guidelines, this post discusses key findings and implications of this report from the perspective of independent agencies.
Many agencies are assessing whether they should continue to maintain policies locally, given their availability on the carrier website. They are also looking at emailing policies to clients. This article provides guidance to agencies considering these questions. The article also outlines opportunities carriers and technology providers have to deliver electronic policies to their agents more effectively. Vendors are also encouraged to make secure client service portals available more cost effectively for the broader agency population to allow clients to access their policies as well as specific carrier sites for servicing through agency websites.
The revised guide incorporates Real Time and other new workflows to help achieve a fully electronic and client focused agency. ACT, the IIABA Council for Best Practices and Nettles Consulting bring you this practical and comprehensive tool which not only guides you on what should be done, but provides you the practical steps on how to get there, including detailed property casualty and benefits workflows and reference guides for categorizing and retrieving electronic information for each type of transaction. Download the guide, review the Forward and Executive Overview to understand how to use the guide and then use it electronically so that you can take advantage of its numerous links from each subject in the Table of Contents, as well as throughout the guide.
The trend is for carriers to provide agents with electronic information and discontinue sending the paper policy information. This report takes a close look at the workflow and procedural issues agents and carriers face when the paper is turned off. It is hoped that the carriers will heed the recommendations so that the changes work efficiently for their agents and brokers. The work group’s Phase One Report is attached to this report, because its recommendations continue to be very important for the parties to take into account.
Carriers are increasingly turning off the transaction-related paper to their agents and brokers. This change has big workflow implications for agents, and it can set back agency efficiency significantly unless carriers take specific steps with regard to the electronic information they continue to provide to their agents. If carriers take the appropriate steps, however, the replacement of the agency paper with electronic information can enhance agency as well as carrier efficiency and assist the agency in its efforts to become paperless.
This Plan for Agency is intended to create effective administrative, technical, electronic and physical protections to safeguard the personal information of the Agency’s Clients and employees, the Agency’s proprietary and confidential information, the physical security of our premises, and the integrity of our electronic systems so that they are best positioned to function smoothly without interruption.
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