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System Purchases

Agencies are constantly reminded that they must keep their software updated to the latest version. Agency management systems vendors tout the latest features and benefits of their new releases. Software users groups remind you that these features will improve agency efficiency. IIABA promotes staying current with technology. And your agency technical support staff/consultant can’t imagine the agency will survive without the latest ‘hot’ operating system and/or software.
This agency checklist is designed to assist independent agencies in evaluating ASP opportunities by recommending a series of questions for agents to ask and then providing perspective on those questions. The checklist is divided into four major sections:
Today’s agency management system is the central hub for an independent agency’s information and helps to standardize the agency’s workflows. This article discusses the top ten ways in which agencies benefit from using such a system. It also provides a great checklist for current users to make sure they are taking full advantage of their system’s major capabilities.
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